Here is what we are

Football golf, the new trend-setting sport, is a combination of golf and football. But you don't play with a golf club; you use your own foot. The ball is a regular football. This internationally recognised sport features annual world championship competitions.
The first facility of this kind in East Germany is located in Ottendorf-Okrilla near Dresden. We are now opening the second facility in Finsterwalde, the first 18-hole facility in Berlin-Brandenburg.


Sport for everyone

Football golf – or soccer golf, as the Americans call it – can be played by anyone. You don't need a handicap as you do with golf, nor do you need to be a professional footballer. Even a grandson can play football golf with his grandma, or the football enthusiasts from a football club can make up a team and play each other. A child's birthday becomes an unforgettable experience. No matter who or what – school classes, children's birthdays, families, groups, companies or single players – everyone can show their potential, time and again. The first football golf course in Saxony has eighteen holes, 72 par, on an area of 47,000 m2. The 18 fairways are played one after another with the foot and a ball. Each shot is counted. The aim is to play the fairways, crossing various obstacles, with as few shots as possible up to the hole. The player with the least number of shots wins the game. Football golf encourages team spirit, coordination, exercise, concentration, and particular the fun factor.

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