Rules of football golf

General rules:

  • The ball must be show or kicked directly from the ground.
  • Every encounter with the ball is counted as a shot or kick.
  • Special obstacles, which must be tackled or avoided, are displayed at the beginning of the fairway and on the score card.
  • There is a stated par figure for every fairway; this is a guideline for the number of shots or kicks.
  • A flight consists of one to a maximum of 5 players, who start the game at the same time (on one fairway).

Course rules, etiquette:

  • Duration of game on 18 fairways, maximum 2.5 hours.
  • If possible, always start on Fairway 1.
  • If waiting too long to start on Fairway 1, you should start on one of the free fairways.
  • (Example: start on Fairway 10, then after 19 fairways the game ends on Fairway 9)
    Playing on: anyone searching, going back, taking a break or playing slowly must immediately let his successor play on.
  • Every player must avoid hitting or injuring other players.
  • Other fairways must never be overplayed or cut.
  • You must not climb on deliberate obstacles and walls or use them for sitting down. Nor must you enter the pond.
  • If you tear tufts of grass out of the ground, you must put them back and stamp them firmly down.
  • Studded or cleated shoes are not allowed.
  • Dogs must be kept of a leash and are not allowed on the course.
  • Cigarette-end collectors (buckets) can be obtained from the ball house.
  • You must follow our groundkeeper's instructions.
  • You play on the football-golf course at your own risk.
  • Will persons accompanying players who are not playing themselves please use the spectators' paths.
  • Please take every cigarette end and other rubbish home with you from this nature park.
  • Please do not bend, break, tear off or tear out any plants.

Rules of the game:

  • Play is always from the tee-off towards the hole flag.
  • You must always drive across the tee line (between the marks or lines).
  • You drive off from the tee in turn and from the fairway whoever is furthest from the flag.
  • If a ball gets into the neighbouring fairway, it must be quickly placed at the point from which it was driven (repeat the shot) and a penalty point will be added.
  • The same procedure is also used in case of an unplayable ball.
  • If the ball lands in the high grass (rough), the player must decide: either to replay his shot, in which case a penalty point will be added, or to play on as the ball lies, without treading down the plants.
  • Should the ball fly out of the course (over the fence) or into the pond, two penalty points will be added and a new ball must be fetched.
  • The maximum shot number to be cumulated per fairway is marked on the score card.
  • Having reached the maximum shot number, add the par number to this figure and change to the next fairway.